5 Signs Your Construction Company Needs a New Site Cleaning Provider

Properly cleaning your construction site after your work concludes isn’t just important for aesthetics; it’s crucial for safety and required by law. And failing to thoroughly clean your site can damage your reputation and leave you liable for damages. That’s why it’s essential to hire a site cleaning provider you can trust. Here are five signs your construction company needs a new site cleaning provider.


  1. The Building Looks Dingy


Construction dust settles everywhere. And if any is missed, it will coat surfaces, giving the building a dingy look. There don’t have to be obvious piles of dust lying around. Any dust is a problem. Not only will your construction job fail to impress, but leftover dust also presents a health hazard to the occupants. If you notice that your new construction is left looking dull instead of bright and clean, you should consider a new site cleaning provider. 


  1. The Provider Misses Deadlines


Unfortunately, there are many site cleaning providers who take a lackadaisical attitude toward their jobs. If your site cleaning provider makes a habit of showing up late and leaving early, that’s a good sign they’re not taking their job seriously. And if they’re not taking their job seriously, they’re probably cutting corners on cleaning, too. Your site cleaning provider should stick to your agreed-upon schedule and deadlines. If they don’t, it’s time to look for a new one. 


  1. Poor Customer Service


If you have questions, concerns, or simply need to discuss ongoing cleanup needs, your site cleaning provider should be responsive and attentive. You don’t want to have to track down your provider or deal with someone who is argumentative, defensive, or indifferent. A good provider will answer you promptly and work with you as a team to ensure your site is thoroughly cleaned, safe, and presentable. If the company you contract with isn’t providing top-notch customer service, you should find a new provider that you can depend on. 


  1. They Skip Steps


You care about your reputation, and you want your clients to be impressed. Details matter. Paint splatters, stickers, fingerprints, and smudges all take away from the gleaming finished construction you want to present. And it’s important to check that your provider hasn’t skipped less visible steps, too, like changing filters. In addition to damaging your reputation, harmful dust and debris may be hiding that could present indoor air quality problems for the occupants. If you find that your site cleaning provider is skipping steps, no matter how small, we recommend finding a new provider. 


  1. You Get Complaints


This is a sign you don’t want to wait for. By the time you’re getting complaints from your clients, you’ve already got a serious problem. If your clients are coming to you with concerns that site cleanup was not properly done, it’s time to address the problem. No matter how much you may like the owner of the company, unless you can be 100% certain that the problem was an isolated event linked to one employee, has been dealt with, and won’t happen again, you should play it safe and look for a new provider. After all, you have your reputation to protect.


At Presidential Service Industries, we pay attention to every detail and leave your construction site in pristine condition. If you’d like a free quote or simply to know more about our post-construction site cleaning services, contact us today.  


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