What Areas Are Covered with a COVID-19 Disinfecting Service?


COVID-19 can live for up to three days on surfaces in your facility, so it’s important to disinfect it regularly. And if you’ve had a case of COVID-19 or an outbreak within your facility, it’s absolutely essential. You probably know it’s best to hire professionals to take on this task, but you may be wondering exactly what to expect. Here are the areas that should be covered with a COVID-19 disinfecting service.


High-Touch Areas


High-touch areas should be cleaned at least once per day. Whether you want regular disinfecting services or need to have your facility disinfected after an outbreak, we’ll pay close attention to all the high-touch surfaces in your building. Desks, keyboards, stair rails, pens, door knobs, phones, touch screens, tables, faucets, toilets, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected.


Soft Surfaces


Soft surfaces, such as upholstered furniture and carpeting, will be cleaned with a vacuum containing a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to avoid releasing particulate matter into the air. We’ll then use a disinfectant designed for use on soft surfaces, so you can feel safe knowing these areas will be thoroughly disinfected, but your valuable furniture and carpets will not be harmed.




Electronics are an important part of your business, and they’re often some of the most frequently touched surfaces in the facility. That makes them prime candidates for harboring COVID-19, but electronics must be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging them. That’s why we use disinfectants created especially for electronics. You can feel confident that your keyboards, phones, tablets, ATM machines, and all other electronic devices will be meticulously disinfected while also being protected from damage.


Hard Surfaces


COVID-19 survives particularly well on hard, non-porous surfaces, so it’s essential that all the hard surfaces in your facility, like floors, tables, chairs, and desks are disinfected after an outbreak. Our expert cleaning staff know exactly how to handle every surface in your facility, including marble, stone, and terrazzo. We’ll use disinfectants appropriate for each surface to eliminate COVID-19.


Overall Facility


After an outbreak, you may be concerned with the possibility that some areas of your facility could be missed, allowing COVID-19 to survive and potentially spread when your employees and customers return. That’s why we offer fogging and electrostatic disinfecting services as part of our COVID-19 Disinfecting Services. These techniques eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria, and they allow disinfectants to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.


At PSI, we only use disinfectants found on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) List N, which specifies products with demonstrated efficacy against COVID-19, against pathogens more difficult to kill than COVID-19, and against another coronavirus which is similar to COVID-19. As such, you can be certain we are using the best disinfectants available to disinfect your facility. And because regulations and guidance continue to change as more knowledge about COVID-19 becomes available, we keep up to date on CDC guidelines, so your facility will always be cleaned and disinfected according to current best practices.


If you’d like to set up regular COVID-19 disinfecting services or have experienced an outbreak and need to have your facility disinfected prior to reopening, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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