Post-Construction Site Cleaning Services

Renovation and new construction projects are exciting. If you’re an owner, you can’t wait to see the project you’ve envisioned finally become a reality. And if you’re a contractor, you love the feeling of accomplishing a job well-done and knowing your client is happy with your work. Seeing the final project is what makes all the expense, work, and hassle worthwhile.

But even after construction wraps up, the work isn’t done. No matter how careful contractors are there’s no way around it – construction is messy. That’s why a construction job isn’t truly complete until the building has been restored to pristine condition.

Whether you are a contractor who wants to ensure your construction site is thoroughly cleaned before making your final presentation to the owner, or you are a building owner or manager who wants to make certain your facility is in top shape before presenting it to the public, Presidential Service Industries (PSI) can help.

We know that making a good first impression is essential. After all the hard work and investment that went into your construction project, you want to walk into a building that gleams, not one that’s still covered in drywall and construction dust. Our experienced team members can be trusted to leave your construction site in immaculate condition.

You can count on PSI to remove debris, dust, stickers, paint splatters, and other general detritus left behind after construction. We know that dust tends to find its way out of the construction site, into crevices, windows, blinds, vents, and the like. Rest assured that we will pay attention to every detail and leave your building healthy, spotless, and ready to show off!

Additionally, PSI has extensive experience with all hard floor surfaces, including marble and terrazzo, so you never need to worry about your new surfaces being damaged. Let us take the hassle of post construction site cleaning away from you, so you can relax and enjoy your finished project.

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