Day Porter Services

Day porters are typically stationed at facilities during the day to assist in a variety of duties. These cleaning duties can include policing public areas, touching up restrooms, restocking bathroom supplies, like paper towels and toilet paper, policing all entrances, changing light bulbs, cleaning, and picking up debris in smoking areas, checking and restocking cafeterias and/or coffee areas, cleaning up any and all spills, and any other duties that pertain to maintaining the facility as needed. Ultimately, all these duties are necessary for maintaining an orderly, clean, and welcoming business/commercial building. The day porter will perform these duties during the day but can also work in tandem with a night cleaning team to ensure the entire facility is effectively and efficiently cleaned throughout the day.

The Unseen Heroes Of Any Commercial Building

Day porters are the unseen heroes of a business or building. In fact, these incredibly valued team members work to provide a clean and sanitized facility that everyone can enjoy. Ultimately, day porters provide an invaluable cleaning service that can allow your business to grow and thrive. Day porters traditionally maintain and clean many parts and aspects of a facility, including lobbies, cafeterias or breakrooms, entrances, bathrooms, meeting/conference rooms, private offices, and much more.

Getting What You Need From A Day Porter Service

Many business owners aren’t totally sure how a day porter service can help their business thrive. In fact, to really get the most out of the day porter services, understanding what they actually do is the first step towards knowing how they can help serve your facility. Typically, day porters help keep your facility clean and stocked throughout the day.

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