Hard Floor Cleaning

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Presidential Service Industries (PSI) can handle almost any type of flooring you may have in your commercial building. In fact, PSI is here to help provide you with a customized plan to help ensure that your floors are effectively clean. The reality is that hard floors can quickly develop dirt and grime over time — especially in areas with high foot traffic like a lobby. This is why routine maintenance of floors is critical to preserve the condition and look of the hard floors in your facility. Ultimately, ensuring these aspects of your business are taken care of can make a world of a difference in how customers and clients perceive your facility overall. In general, professional hard floor cleanings can help you properly maintain the floors of your facility.

We Handle A Wide Array Of Hard Flooring

From linoleum to VCT floors to marble floors, PSI is here to help keep your commercial building floors clean and shiny. Our floor cleaning services include stripping and waxing, buffing, scrubbing, stone polishing and restoration, and so much more. The hard floor commercial cleaning services we offer help make your commercial business spotless. The reality is that our cleaning staff are trained to leave your hard floors spotless without ever harming the substrate. Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your hard floors are spotless and effectively and efficiently cleaned.

Give Your Hard Floors A Real Clean

If the vacant suites in your commercial building’s floors are dirty and filled with debris, you may end up losing out on potential tenants and losing business. In fact, hard floors require a specific level of care and treatment. Maintenance is one thing — but getting your hard floors cleaned is what will make them last in the long run.

We Can Help Get Your Facility Clean

Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your commercial business or facility clean and in pristine condition. We are here to help customize your cleaning experience with our commercial cleaning expertise and years of experience in the industry. You can’t go wrong with our wide array of services as well. Simply give us a call at (301) 604- 3900 to find out exactly how we can help!

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