School Cleaning Services Your District Should Consider

Your students spend a significant portion of their lives inside your schools. That’s why it’s critical that every school provides them with a healthy environment in which to learn, eat, and play. Yet, as any educator knows, children aren’t always the best at personal hygiene. And the crowded conditions in classrooms and cafeterias create the perfect environment for germs to spread.


Missed school days are costly in terms of learning losses, pay for substitute teachers, and school funding. So what can you do to keep schools clean and inviting while reducing health-related absences and in your district? Here are four school cleaning services your school district should consider.


Daily Cleaning Services


The CDC recommends daily cleaning of schools to maintain a healthy environment and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. While high-touch areas should be cleaned more frequently, most surfaces in your schools should be cleaned at least once a day. That may be a lot to ask of your janitorial staff, so consider hiring a professional cleaning service. A professional cleaning service has the necessary manpower and equipment to quickly but thoroughly clean your facility every day. Plus, it can be done after hours, when students and staff are out of the building, so you don’t need to worry about disruptions.


COVID-19 and Disinfecting Services


COVID-19 remains a persistent threat in our schools, as do other diseases like influenza; hand, foot, and mouth disease; strep throat; fifth disease; and more. Regularly disinfecting schools helps keep pathogens at bay. And it’s essential to disinfect if your school has experienced an outbreak. Hiring a professional cleaning service to disinfect your facility gives you peace of mind, knowing the job will be done right. Plus, you won’t be asking your staff to put themselves at risk. Professionals, like our staff here at Presidential Service Industries (PSI), have the proper skills and equipment to stay safe while disinfecting your schools. 


Electrostatic and Fogging Cleaning Services


If you haven’t heard of electrostatic and fogging cleaning services, you should seriously take the time to consider them for your school. Both electrostatic and fogging cleaning services are methods that allow your entire school to be rapidly and thoroughly disinfected, including places that are difficult to reach with other techniques. With electrostatic and fogging cleaning services, you can rest assured that every crevice has been disinfected. However, this should not be attempted by anyone who is not a trained professional because skin, eye, and airway irritation can occur without appropriate PPE. 


Pressure Washing


Sidewalks, parking lots, and exterior walls typically aren’t cleaned as frequently as the inside of your facility. Yet first impressions are made based on how your school looks when a visitor, parent, prospective teacher, or new student first approaches it. Pressure washing is a simple and effective way to remove accumulated dirt and grime from buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and signs. Pressure washing is also effective on graffiti, which unfortunately plagues many schools. 


Are you ready to see the difference professional cleaning services can make in your school district? We’d love to chat. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs. 

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