Government Building Cleaning Services Matter


Government and municipal buildings are hubs of activity and are commonly sites of historical and architectural importance. They often invoke an immediate sense of grandeur and are frequently both culturally significant and practically necessary. In order to preserve their integrity and create a positive impression for the public, the utmost care must be taken. Here’s why government and municipal cleaning services matter.

First Impressions

Government and municipal buildings carry out important functions within our communities. They are highly visible and regularly host a wide variety of visitors, from government officials to members of the public. Having a clean building with gleaming surfaces is reflective of the importance of the work carried out within the building, and it creates a good first impression of professionalism for everyone who visits.


As pillars of our community, our government and municipal buildings must continue to function in even the most challenging circumstances. That’s why it’s essential to create the healthiest environment possible for both employees and the public. As our country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, regularly cleaning and disinfecting government and municipal buildings to reduce the possibility of an outbreak remains paramount. At Presidential Service Industries (PSI), we know how important it is to keep government and municipal buildings up and running, which is why we use only disinfectants found on the EPA’s List N to eliminate every strain and variant of COVID-19.


As regulations grow and change, the public expects government and municipal buildings to lead by example. Any cleaning company hired by the government is expected to be a good steward of public resources and taxpayer dollars, along with meeting the latest regulations and best practices. At PSI, we proudly do both. We hold Green Clean certifications, stay up to date on the latest regulations, and meet all specifications for RFPs.



As centers of legislation, law enforcement, and public services, government and municipal buildings frequently require high security. It’s imperative that government cleaning services meet those security requirements so the safety of both the staff and members of the public are maintained. At PSI, for example, we are happy to provide background checks on our employees and to clean on a schedule that works for you, whether that means cleaning at night when employees are out of the building or during the day while officers are on duty.


Specialty Surfaces


Many government and municipal buildings have been standing for hundreds of years. As such, they frequently include surfaces, such as marble and terrazzo, that require special care. These surfaces should not be left to just anyone to clean. Without proper training, specialty surfaces are easily damaged, scratched, and stained. Our team at PSI has extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning all surfaces that appear in government and municipal buildings. You can trust that we will respect your building’s historical significance and take great care while cleaning every surface it contains.


At PSI, we have over 30 years of experience meeting the high standards and specifications necessary to clean government and municipal buildings, and we would be honored to add you as a client. If you would like to learn more about why PSI is the right government and municipal building cleaning service for you, contact us today. We are happy to discuss your needs.

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