Janitorial Services

We offer commercial cleaning and janitorial services throughout Maryland and D.C. We are here to help office buildings, property managers, and other professionals ensure they maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment. All of our cleaners are bonded and insured. Our goal is to provide you with the convenience of cleaning your facility effectively and efficiently.

A Clean, Tidy Facility

When it comes to your business, a clean, tidy facility is critical to its success. In fact, clients and other visitors receive their first impression of the business as soon as they step foot through your doors. That impression will be a lasting one. This means that taking care of your facility becomes increasingly important. Making sure your clients and guests are comfortable is part of a growing and thriving business. Your standards for cleanliness will be a direct reflection of your business. From professionalism to reliability — people associate a clean environment with so much more than the obvious when it comes to a commercial business. A good working environment is necessary for businesses looking to invoke peace of mind and confidence throughout their facility. Cleanliness means fewer germs and a greater peace of mind which is increasingly important in these times.

Types Of Facilities For Janitorial Services

Nearly every type of business will require janitorial services at some point. In fact, when you hire us, you are guaranteed to get the best janitorial services for your facility. We not only have the proper resources necessary to effectively and efficiently clean your facility — all our disinfectants are EPA-approved to kill 99% of germs and viruses on all your surfaces. Not every janitorial service company will care about your facility. However, when you hire Presidential Service Industries, you’ll never need another janitorial service company. There is no question that our professionals have the experience and expertise — along with exceptional training and customer service — to provide you with the janitorial services needed to properly and thoroughly clean your business. Our expert cleaning teams listen to customers and clients to ensure they are getting what they want. We can easily customize our janitorial services to best suit your needs. Presidential Service Industries provides janitorial services for a wide array of businesses including the following:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Churches or other houses of worship
  • Restaurants – Medical facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Government Buildings
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Retirement Communities

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