Medical Facility Cleaning Services Should Include These 6 Things

May 2022

Cleaning and sanitizing medical offices.


When it comes to medical facility cleaning services, the stakes couldn’t be higher. If your cleaning service cuts corners, not only will your patients have a bad first impression of your facility, but worse, pathogens could be spreading through your office or hospital. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable company that will pay attention to every inch of your medical facility. Here are six things medical facility cleaning services should include.


  1. EPA-Approved Cleaning Products


Especially in today’s world, where medical facilities must take steps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, using the proper cleaning products is essential. A reputable medical facility cleaning service should be aware of these requirements and use only products that appear on EPA List N. At PSI, we only use EPA-approved cleaning products, and our disinfectant is designed to kill up to 99% of pathogens on any surface in your medical facility.


  1. Trained Staff


Not every cleaning company has the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to perform medical facility cleaning services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the staff’s level of knowledge and training. You don’t want to have to follow a cleaning crew around, ensuring they adhere to regulations, or worse, find out after the fact that the company didn’t follow appropriate procedures. A good medical facility cleaning service will freely share this information with you. For example, here at PSI, our website clearly states that our staff are trained in both HIPAA and OSHA regulations, along with how to handle bloodborne pathogens.


  1. High-Touch Surfaces


High-touch surfaces are frequent sources of transmission for healthcare-associated infections (HAI). Items and areas that are touched by multiple patients or staff have the potential for transmitting pathogens and should be cleaned thoroughly. Your medical facility cleaning service should pay special attention to these areas to ensure they are disinfected to reduce the risk of exposing patients to HAI.


  1. Routine Cleaning


While it’s critical to thoroughly clean areas of high exposure on a frequent basis, routine cleaning of all the surfaces in your medical facility is also important. Your medical facility cleaning service should clean all floors, furniture, windows, equipment, etc. on a regular basis so that grime and pathogens don’t build up. A reputable cleaning surface will have procedures in place to appropriately clean each type of surface in your facility.


  1. COVID-19 and Disinfecting Services


Reducing the transmission of COVID-19 has become a paramount concern for medical facilities. Your cleaning service should be appropriately trained and equipped to clean rooms used by COVID-19 patients, along with other areas of the facility where exposure may have occurred. In addition to our regular disinfecting services, we also offer fogging and electrostatic disinfecting services that can be used in appropriate areas to eliminate airborne pathogens.


  1. Emergency Cleaning Services


Emergencies happen, and you may need immediate help to clean your facility. Check with any cleaning service you consider hiring to see whether they offer emergency cleaning services. At PSI, we are available 24/7 to help with emergencies, so whether you have spills, leaks, outbreaks, or even offensive graffiti that you need to have cleaned up immediately, we’re only a phone call away.


Medical facility cleaning companies provide critical services and should be staffed by highly-trained employees. At minimum, medical facility cleaning services should include all of the above elements.


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