School Cleaning Services

Today's Lesson: Clean Rooms Create Healthy Students

Hiring a janitorial services company to take care of a school is an important choice for everyone involved especially the children. A clean, healthy environment prevents children from getting, and staying sick, and allows teachers and instructors to perform their jobs at a high level.

Presidential Service Industries trains our crews on the finer points of cleaning, and why it's so important to disinfect and sanitize places that usually harbor bacteria and germs. In addition to this, we also provide floor-cleaning services for schools, along with carpet cleaning services when necessary. (Vinyl tile cleaning and refinishing services are also available, and can be scheduled at various times throughout the academic year.)

Keeping the schools clean is our number one priority, and working with management, we provide our services at affordable prices. Our custodial crews are trained by veteran managers, and supervised while on site. Each begins with classrooms, halls, and bathrooms that are clean and sanitary.

Keep your school building, and children, healthy. Contact us today at 301-604-3900. Ask about our green commercial cleaning services.