Medical / Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services

Safe Enough for Surgery

The environment in any medical office has to be more than hygienic, it must be sterile and germ free. That's why you should trust your medical facility cleaning to Presidential Service Industries. We're familiar with the techniques and intensive cleaning required by our medical clients.

If required, we can use special sterilizers and equip our crews with masks, gloves, and other necessary tools. Germs and bacteria don't stand a chance against Presidential Service Industries. Besides keeping crucial areas clean, our crews have been educated and trained in how to safely remove medical waste, including syringes.

A healthy environment prevents infection, and allows sick patients to heal faster. That's why we take our jobs seriously at Presidential Service Industries.

We provide:

  • Surgical Cleaning Services
  • PACU Cleaning
  • MRI Room Cleaning
  • GMP Area Cleaning
  • Dental office cleaning

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