Green Cleaing Services

We Clean Green

The Green Clean Institute has certified Presidential Service Industries as a Green janitorial firm. The certification we've earned proves that we go beyond using chemicals and cleaning agents that are environmentally safe. Our owners have been trained and certified to understand the impact of Indoor Air Quality, how long to keep Green products before replacing them, product innovation, and the effects of bioaccumulation.

Because we're certified, we're also able to assist you and your commercial building in earing the GCI Green Building certification, which counts towards gaining LEED Certification. The equipment, solutions, and other cleaning supplies we use are all Green. The methods our crews employ are environmentally safe and designed to save energy and water.

At Presidential Service Industries, we're committed to staying Green and lessening our impact on the environment.

To discover more about our green commercial cleaning services and our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning services, contact us today at 301-604-3900.