Cleaning Supplies to Consider When Reopening After COVID-19

Whether your employees have been fully remote and you’re planning to have them return to the office, or you’ve had employees test positive for COVID-19 and are preparing to reopen, you should be prepared with adequate supplies. Here are seven cleaning supplies you should consider when reopening after COVID-19.

1. Soap and Sanitizer

While you may not think of these as cleaning supplies, the CDC urges all offices to have plenty of soap and sanitizer available. Employees and clients are less likely to contract COVID-19 from surfaces if they have ample opportunity to wash their hands. Ensure you have an adequate supply of soap available at all times, and place hand sanitizing stations throughout your facility.

2. Air Filters

COVID-19 is mostly spread through respiratory droplets, so air filters and portable HEPA filtration systems are helpful, especially in high-risk areas. According to the EPA, CDC, and ASHRAE, you should select the highest efficiency filters that are compatible with your system. Consider adding portable HEPA filtration systems when ventilation is reduced, such as during colder months.

3. Soap and Detergent

You’ll want to choose appropriate soaps and detergent for all the surfaces in your office. Cleaning your office once a day is sufficient for routine cleaning to help keep COVID-19 at bay, so having general-purpose cleaners for your floors, drapes, countertops, desks, etc. is always important.

4. Disinfectants

High-touch areas should be disinfected frequently, and this is especially important if your facility has experienced a COVID-19 outbreak. Rather than relying on product descriptions, you should check to make sure all disinfecting products you purchase for your office appear on the EPA’s List N.

5. Gloves, Goggles, and Respirators

Anyone cleaning your facility should wear gloves to avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Have a plentiful supply. Read the instructions on your cleaning agents carefully. Some require additional protection, like goggles or respirators. If these are necessary, be sure to provide them.

6. Vacuum with HEPA Filter and Bags

If your facility contains rugs or carpets, you’ll need to vacuum frequently. The CDC recommends choosing a vacuum with a HEPA filter and bags to reduce the likelihood that your employees come into contact with COVID-19. Although some bagless vacuums contain HEPA filters, using bags reduces the amount of dust released into the air when the vacuum cleaner is emptied.

7. UVGI Systems

Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems can add another layer of protection to your facility by killing airborne pathogens that reach the disinfection zone. UVGI systems are particularly helpful in areas with lower ventilation or where people need to remove masks, like break rooms and cafeterias. If you decide to purchase a UVGI system, it must be installed by a qualified professional because UV rays can cause damage to people, plants, and some surfaces if they are installed improperly. Ask to see proof of EPA registration and a portfolio of previously installed UVGI projects.

Experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 at your office is always stressful. Presidential Service Industries (PSI) can help. We offer COVID-19 cleaning services and disinfectant cleaning services, and we are available for emergencies. If you’d like to set up regular office cleaning services to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in your office or need assistance with disinfecting your office after a COVID-19 outbreak, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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