5 Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Dental Office

Running a dental office is difficult work, and you have enough on your plate without worrying about cleaning the office, too. So why not leave that task to the pros? Here are five benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service for your dental office. 


  1. Patient Satisfaction


The cleanliness of your office matters to patients. It’s easy to get busy and have dust settling in nooks and crannies. You and your staff might not notice as you bustle about, but your patients definitely will. A gleaming office goes a long way to creating a positive patient experience, and that matters when it comes to bringing in new patients and retaining the ones you have.


A professional cleaning service will ensure every inch of your office sparkles. And because they can clean outside of normal business hours, your office will look inviting and presentable from the moment you open the door. 


  1. Employee Satisfaction


Chances are, your employees are already pretty busy. While you’ll naturally want to incorporate cleaning into the day to keep exam rooms clean between patients, the deeper and more widespread cleaning can be delegated to a professional cleaning service. 


Lifting the responsibility for cleaning away from your employees allows them to focus on what really matters–your patients. Your employees will likely be happier and more efficient, too, since they won’t have to devote time to cleaning the office. 


  1. Health


Creating a healthy environment for patients and staff is of the utmost importance, particularly since we’ve had to combat the COVID-19 virus. At PSI, our staff are trained to effectively and efficiently clean and sanitize your office. We follow all OSHA and HIPAA regulations, and our staff know how to handle bloodborne pathogens. Plus, you can rest assured that the disinfectants we use are EPA-approved to kill up to 99% of germs and viruses, including COVID-19


In addition to the obvious benefits of eliminating dangerous pathogens from your facility, hiring a professional cleaning service also helps improve indoor air quality. That’s because a professional company has the tools and techniques to reach areas your staff cannot. Eliminating dust and allergens from your office will help both patients and staff breathe a little easier. 


  1. Flexible Schedule


A professional cleaning service gives you the flexibility you need. At PSI, we work around your schedule, so whether you want cleaning services on the weekend, overnight when your office is closed, or during office hours, we can accommodate your schedule. 


We’ll customize your cleaning experience so you get exactly the cleaning services you want, when you want them. And since our staff is OSHA certified and passes thorough background checks, you never have to worry about safety concerns while we work. 


  1. Save Money


At first, it may seem counterintuitive to think hiring a professional cleaning service would save you money, but over the long term, it may well pay off. An inviting office environment is more pleasant and healthier for patients and staff, which means you may retain more patients and employees, and you may experience less employee absenteeism. 


Additionally, a professional cleaning service won’t miss areas that your employees may overlook or be unable to reach. That means you’ll eliminate the need for expensive deep cleaning and possibly even repairs later on. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service takes the burden of cleaning off your staff, allows you to focus on your patients, and ensures your office is properly cleaned and sanitized. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your office immaculately clean.

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