4 Benefits of Contracting Quality Day Porter Services

You want your facility to present a clean, welcoming appearance at all times, which is why you make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned at night. But what happens if there are spills, overflowing trash cans, or dirt being tracked in during the day? That’s where a day porter comes in. Here are four benefits of quality day porter services.


  1. Improved Appearance

When people occupy a space, it’s inevitable that dirt, trash, and debris begin to accumulate. That’s especially true if your facility has a lot of foot traffic. No matter how clean your facility is at the beginning of the day, by the end, you’re dealing with coffee spills, dingy floors, full trash cans, and dirty restrooms. That’s not the look you want to present to your customers or employees.


Quality day porter services eliminate these problems. Your day porter is there to keep your facility in pristine condition between larger cleaning jobs.  So if someone spills their coffee in the entryway, there are muddy footprints on the stairs, or the trash can in the lobby needs to be emptied, a day porter can immediately take care of the problem. You never have to worry that your facility won’t be clean and presentable.


  1. Greater Employee Satisfaction and Productivity


Studies have found that employees are more productive and more satisfied with their jobs when their work environment is cleaner. A day porter ensures that your employees always have a clean, healthy environment in which to work, so they can focus on their jobs.


Additionally, since day porter services are dedicated specifically to maintaining the cleanliness of your facility, your employees won’t need to worry about extraneous duties. Instead of burdening them with sweeping, cleaning up spills, or refilling the toilet paper in the restroom, your day porter will take care of those duties. That leaves your employees free to concentrate on what matters–your customers and your business.


  1. Safety


A clean facility is a safe facility. Spills, out-of-place items, and germs around your facility all present possible safety hazards for both your customers and your employees. A day porter service ensures spills and soiled areas are cleaned right away. Your day porter can also remove items or even furniture that is out of place, creating a tripping hazard.


In today’s world, all employers also have to take precautions to reduce exposure to COVID-19. A day porter can help by frequently cleaning and sanitizing high-touch areas to reduce the risk COVID-19 will be spread to your customers or staff.


  1. Flexibility


A quality day porter service is flexible and will customize their service to meet your needs. Your facility is unique. A good day porter will take the time to get to know you and your staff so they can focus on the areas that are most important to your facility. Don’t be afraid to let your day porter service know exactly what you’d like, whether it’s periodic checks of the restroom, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, or making sure the break room stays clean and fully stocked.


Your day porter service should also be able to work with your schedule and adapt to the flow of your office environment. If there are certain times you’d like to focus on specific areas of your building, a quality day porter service will be happy to oblige. Your day porter service can also work with your night cleaning team to ensure the entire facility is always pristine.


Are you ready to add quality day porter services to your facility? Contact us today to get started.

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